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Welcome Hilco Members

There are a couple of things we wanted to make you aware of to help transition any items you may currently have coming in or out of your accounts.

The routing number for your checks and any direct deposits and automatic withdraws will now be Kerr County FCU’s routing number. This number is 314985345. You will need to order new checks with this new routing number within the next 90 days. The credit union will pay for your first box of checks, you will just need to get with a member service team member to get those ordered for you with all of your correct information.

You will also have 90 days to inform anyone you currently get a direct deposit from as well as anyone you have an automatic draft (ACH) set up to come out of your account that the routing number needs to be updated to the new routing number: 314985345. Your account number will be the same one you already had so you will not have to change the account number just the routing number and name of the financial institution.

Also on our home page of our website is a banner with a link on how to sign up for online banking and our mobile app. These are great tools to help you manage your cash flow more effectively, access all your accounts at any time, even outside office hours, be in the know with transaction and balance alerts, easily transfer money with other people or between your accounts at other financial institutions, pay bills, and deposit checks without visiting a branch.